giovedì 28 maggio 2009

Same old words...

I know every time you say to me same old things, back to the old scenes conflict always even more incurable. I'm trying to go ahead and free myself. I Know all my spechees are good for nothing, all my excuses are vains. You think I should be what you decided for me, probably you are sure to really know the most hidden part of my soul and what is good for me. That's not true, you are absolutely wrong, you are wasting your precious time. I'm not you. I'd love you will find comfort and confidence in the person I am today even though my failures. I don't know if our carnal relation give us the right sense of the problems between us. I haven't the right answer for all, I only know I don't want to loose control and the balance I hardly earn because of you. You gave me your loving, your tears, all you entire life but I cannot walk like you, eat like you, think as you think, talk as you talk. Please understand ultimately I'm not be able to be you. I try to find solutions good for me, I have a new situation and a new invaluable love to take care for the rest of my life. Sorry if I disappointed you but I want to follow my way and face and enjoy what this life has still in store for me.

With Love

lunedì 25 maggio 2009

Un saluto

Parole e suoni
gesti affannati
Mille voci corrono e rimbalzano
sulle pareti di un'immagine di vento

Pensieri ed amore
abbracci infiniti
Mani intrecciate si stringono
nel saluto perfetto di un sogno

giovedì 21 maggio 2009

Poche parole... una vita

"Di qualsiasi cosa siano fatte le nostre anime,
la mia e la sua sono la medesima cosa"

(E. Bronte)